Our Approach to Our Curriculum

Trevisker School uses the National Curriculum as a basis to plan units of work with a cross-curricular, thematic approach which is meaningful and engaging for the children.

The school curriculum has two elements; to provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve; and to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

At Trevisker there is an emphasis on experiential learning, including the opportunities for outdoor activities, visits, visitors and cross-curricular links, leading to an immersive approach where the children take ownership and develop a love of learning.

The impact of our curriculum is evident in the quality of the pupils books and their engagement in their learning.  We track pupils carefully to ensure that what they are learning is understood, remembered and can be transferred to other areas of learning and experiences.

‘Our topics make learning interesting.  Learning like this helps you remember things better.’  Jacob, Year 6

‘I like our classroom, because the walls are interesting, useful and fun.  I also like how we can assess how we feel all the time.’  Evie, Year 6

 Please click on the subject areas below to see what your child will be learning and skills they will be developing whilst at Trevisker School.

Physical Education

Kernow Learning Trust is keen to address the negative stereotype of PE being all about prowess in sport and rather reposition it to enhance lifelong skills.

PE in Kernow Learning schools is all about developing physical literacy and a love of movement at primary level, with a focus on leadership skills and health and wellbeing. This puts Physical Education at the heart of our educational agenda– ensuring young people are well enough to learn and have developed a range of personal competencies that will help them in the classroom and beyond.