Ofsted Report

We are delighted that Ofsted have classified Trevisker as a 'good' school. Some highlights from the inspector's report are included below, and you can download the full report at the bottom of the page.
  • Children enter Reception with skills that are around the level expected for their age, or a little below. As they move through the school, they make good progress and by the time they move on to secondary school, they show good progress from their individual starting points.
  • Teachers have high expectations and now have much more detailed information on the progress of every individual. Consequently, they are now better able to support every pupil to make good progress.
  • Pupils with a range of additional needs are able to make good progress because of the good quality of provision for disabled pupils and those who have special needs.
  • Outstanding behaviour helps to make this a very happy place where positive relationships support very effective learning and social skills.
  • The headteacher has a clear vision for a successful school and has the full backing of all her staff, who are determined to do their best for their pupils.
  • Effective monitoring of all aspects of the work of the school by the headteacher and governors supports very effective teaching and learning which is leading to"The curriculum is well planned and subjects are closely integrated into exciting activities and events that stimulate pupils’ interests and foster a respect for the environment. All pupils have some lessons outdoors every week where they can apply skills learned in mathematics, English, science and geography."
If you would like to make an appointment to discuss any aspects of the report, or to arrange a visit to Trevisker, please telephone the school office.