The uniform gives your child a sense of belonging, pride and equality.  We appreciate your support in adhering to our uniform policy.  We would also ask that for Health & Safety reasons your child does not wear any jewellery, other than stud earrings. 

School jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from Wovina – www.wovina.com

Uniform – Boys - Blue school jumper with logo, white polo shirt or shirt, grey trousers or shorts, grey socks and black shoes.

Uniform – Girls  - Blue school jumper or cardigan with logo, white polo shirt or blouse, grey trousers, skirt or dress, grey socks or tights and black shoes.  In the summer or warmer weather blue gingham dress, white socks and black shoes.  During the colder weather your child can also wear a Trevisker Fleece, although these are optional.

PE Kit - White polo shirt or white t-shirt, black or navy shorts, trainers or plimsolls.  Tracksuit bottoms can be worn in colder weather.

When your child starts at Trevisker they will be provided with a school book bag – although it is not compulsory school Gymsacs can be bought from Wovina for £3.50.